Puzzles and Challenges

Friday 22nd May

Something Different

Child: I'm homesick

Mother: But this is your home.

Child: Yeah and I'm sick of it.


Have you ever seen a man-eating tiger?

No but I have seen a man eating chicken.


What kind of tie does a pig wear?

A pig-sty.


Why did the boiled egg win the race?

It couldn't be beaten.


What smells horrible, runs around all day and lies around all night with its tongue hanging out?

One of my runners.


Why was the swimmer doing the backstroke after lunch?

Because you're not supposed to swim on a full stomach.


Why aren't elephants allowed on the beach?

In case their trunks fall down.


What is it that you lift the top to put down the bottom?

A toilet.

Jokes courtesy of Horrid Henry


Silly Riddles

What ship has two mates but no captain. Answer begins with C.

What ship has 22 captains and a winner? Answer begins with P.

What time is it when the clock strikes thirteen?


Three Quiz Questions

What song by Elton John is about Marilyn Monroe?

What was the profession of Patrick Swayze in the film Ghost?

Which TV family live at 742 Evergereen Terrace?




Friday 15th May

Just for Fun

With which company are each of these slogans linked

  1. Every Little Helps Tesco
  2. Connecting People Nokia
  3. Because I'm Worth It L'Oreal
  4. Live in Your World, Play in Ours Playstation
  5. I'm Loving It McDonald's
  6. Hello Moto Motorola
  7. Just Do It Nike
  8. The Best a Man Can Get Gillette
  9. What does the modified Mercalli Scale measure? Earthquake Intensity
  10. With which band did Simon Le Bon sing? Duran Duran
  11. Where is Lena Rice, former Wimbledon tennis champion buried? New Inn
  12. Name one of the songs sung by Johnny Logan to win a Eurovision song contest? What's Another Year; Hold Me Now
  13. What do Athelstan the Glorious, Edmund the Magnificent, Sweyn Forkbeard and Harold Harefoot all have in common? Kings of England
  14. What is cynophobia a fear of? Dogs
  15. Who is the current Minister for foreign affairs? Simon Coveney
  16. Lusaka is capital of which country? Zambia
  17. Who said: "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ"? Mahatma Gandhi
  18. Who said:" Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven"? Jesus Christ
  19. Who said: ask not what your country can do for you: ask what you can do for your country"? John F. Kennedy
  20. Who said: four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation"? Abraham Lincoln
  21. Who said: "I have a dream"? Martin Luther King
  22. In what book of the Bible is the escape of the Jews from Egypt described? Exodus
  23. A person suffering from tachophobia has a fear of what? Speed
  24. Where in the world is the Aswan Dam? Egypt
  25. What is the closest star system to our solar system? Alpha Centauri
  26. A person born on Christmas Day has what star sign? Capricorn
  27. What is the longest river in Ireland? Shannon
  28. What is the second longest river in Ireland? Barrow
  29. Who is the current Minister for Children and Youth Affairs? Katherine Zappone
  30. What kind of eagle is the national emblem of the US? Bald Eagle
  31. What is this chemical symbol for gold? Au
  32. What film, set in India, won the 2009 award for Best picture at the Oscars? Slumdog Millionaire
  33. Quercus is the Latin name for which long-lived tree, linked in Ireland with the Druids? Oak
  34. How many wheels are there on a Reliant Robin, the car driven by Del Boy Trotter? 3
  35. Which composer composed Ode to Joy and Moonlight Sonata? Beethoven
  36. What is the better-known name of rap artist Marshall Bruce Mathers III? Eminem
  37. By area, what is the largest country in Africa? Sudan
  38. In what year was the Battle of Clontarf fought? 1014
  39. By what title are the following characters in an Irish fable better-known: Fionnuala, Aodh, Fiachra and Conn? Children of Lir
  40. What is Hale-Bopp, discovered in 1995, passed perihelion in 1997 and caused the death of many of the followers of the Heaven's Gate Cult? Comet
  41. If Monday's child is fair of face, how is Fridays child supposed to turn out? Loving and Giving
  42. How many stars make up the plough- the pattern of stars at night? 7
  43. Uilinn, as in the musical nstrument uilinn pipe, is the Irish for which part of the body? Elbow
  44. Who wrote The Rime of the Ancient Mariner? Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  45. In the poem Two Little Kittens, what causes them to quarrel and fight on the stormy night? A Mouse
  46. What is the maximum number of golf clubs a player is allowed in their bag? 14
  47. True or false. Centipedes are primarily carnivores. True
  48. What is the longest river in the world? Nile
  49. Which river flows through the Grand Canyon? Colorado
  50. What was Marilyn Monroe's real name? Norma Jean Baker


Friday 8th May 

Just for Fun

  1. Who was the original female lead in Riverdance? Jean Butler
  2. Which famous jockey was given a jail sentence for tax evasion? Lester Piggott
  3. What is a young kangaroo called? Joey
  4. Name the horse kidnapped and presumed killed by the Provisional IRA? Shergar
  5. What is the fourth square number? 16
  6. Kigali is the capital of which country? Rwanda
  7. Which Carthiginian general defeated the Romans at the Battle of Cannae? Hannibal
  8. What time is 7.15pm on a 24 hour clock? 19.15
  9. In what country are the highest falls in the world? Venezuela
  10. On computers, what do the letters HP stand for? Hewlett Packard
  11. Who owned the factory in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Willy wonka
  12. Who preceded Boris Johnson as British Prime Minister? Teresa May
  13. Who wrote the Tarzan novels? Edgar Rice Burroughs
  14. What is a female fox called? Vixen
  15. In what year did ABBA win the Eurovision? 1974
  16. In what city is the Simpsons set? Springfields
  17. Who is the Irish Minister for Health? Simon Harris
  18. Who is the leader of Sinn Fein? Mary Lou McDonald
  19. In what area of London is Only Fools and Horses set? Peckham
  20. Tom Hanks starred in a movie named after which American city? Philadelphia
  21. In Wanderly Wagon, what was the name of the reptile? Sneaky Snake
  22. True or false, 6 is a Trianglar Number. True
  23. How is the number 5 written in Roman numerals? V
  24. What is the name of the wife of former U.S. president Barack Obama? Michelle
  25. Which soccer team are known as the Red Devils? Manchester Utd.
  26. In what year did Tipperary last win the Senior Hurling All Ireland? 2019
  27. Who was appointed First Lord of the Admiralty at the start of World War II? Winston Churchill
  28. What is the chemical symbol for salt? NaCl
  29. What did Joseph Cyril Bamford invent? JCB
  30. In what African country is Timbuktu? Mali
  31. How is singer Jose Enrique Martin Morales better known? Ricky Martin
  32. Who is the Bishop of Waterford and Lismore? Alphonsus Cullinan
  33. In what century did Columbus discover America? 15th 
  34. Which family owns Manchester United football club? Glazer
  35. In what town was Fawlty Towers set? Torquay
  36. Who wrote the story James and the Giant Peach? Roald Dahl
  37. Which month has only 28 days? February
  38. True or false. 2021 is a Leap Year. False
  39. In what year did Pope John Paul II visited Ireland? 1979
  40. In rugby, what number does the hooker normally wear? 2
  41. In what year did England win the soccer World Cup? 1966
  42. What is a baby seal called? Pup
  43. What is the deepest ocean in the world? Pacific
  44. In what country is the city Perugia? Italy
  45. Who presents the Late Late Show on RTE? Ryan Tubridy
  46. What bird has the latin name Erithacus Rubecula? Robin
  47. How many Eurovision Song Contest titles has Ireland won in total? 7
  48. Which pop artist released the song and album titled Thriller? Michael Jackson
  49. Who is the Irish Minister for Education? Joe McHugh
  50. What is the proper name for Powerstown Church? Church of St. John the Baptist

1st May 

I find 12 differences in the two pictures. Click link to see can you.



Answer: click on the link below for the answer sheet



30th April

5 things out of place in the picture. Click link to see can you find them.


 Answer: hinges on door, plug point, prehistoric art work, Greek writing, padlock.


Take a letter from each bird to spell another bird with 5 letters in its name






 Answer : CRANE

28th & 29th April

The words below have each had a different letter removed wherever it occurs in the word. One word has had two or more As extracted, one word has had two or more Bs extracted and so on through the alphabet. For example, fluffy might appear as LUY. The words are in alphabetical order and a clue is provided to make it easier.

A) NGRM - jumbled letters

B) SUUR - just outside of town

C) ALIUM - an important nutrient

D) AMNE - destined for hell

E) VASIV - I don't want to say any more

F) ANARE - well done, you got the last one, break out the champagne and let's PARTY

G) ARLIN - I now have a sore throat so I need salt and water

H) RYTM - if I don't have this, I only have the blues

I) RONC - some of the clues are quite like this, isn't that funny in an unusual way

J) HA - one of the Five Pillars of Islam

K) NICNAC - you can buy anything in this shop in Clonmel

L) IAC - is it a flower or is it a colour

M) AY - she's the best

N) IETEE - this is number fourteen, but it should be greater

O) VD - magic that is linked with the Caribbean

P) UIES - AW, aren't they cute, all 101

Q) UINUIREME - q is normally followed by u and this is no different

R) HOO - this perfectly describes a film or trying to come up with the last word

S) UCCE - Woo hoo, I got the q word

T) HIRY - pieces of silver given to Judas

U) HMMS - chickpea dinner

V) ALE - check your bicycle

W) IGAM - the Indian's tent

X) ERO - a process for copying

Y) GPS - linked with Roma

Z) JAY - funky music


Answers: anagram, suburb, calcium, damned, evasive, fanfare, gargling, rhythm, ironic, Hajj, knickknack, lilac, mammy, nineteen, voodoo, puppies, quinquireme, horror, success, thirty, hummus, valve, wigwam, Xerox, Gypsy, jazzy.

 27th April

1. Here are the names of two people we associate with a particular time of the year. Can you decipher their names?

The letters stand for other letters but are the same in both, eg. K might stand for N and B might stand for R.

                  a)  KFTVT DISJTU      b) TBOUB DMBVY

2.Consonants are missing in these film titles

a)   --e   -ou--   o-   -u-i-

b)   --a-   -a--

c)   -a--i---o-

d)   -o-   --o--   4

e)   --o-e-


3. Vowels are missing from these films

a)   WNN   TH   PH

b)   TH   TL   F   PTR   RBBT

c)   LTTL   WMN





1. a) Jesus Christ    b) Santa Claus

2. a) The Sound of Music

    b) Star Wars

    c) Paddington

    d) Home alone 4

    e) Frozen

3. a) Winnie the Pooh

    b) The tale of Peter Rabbit

    c) Little Women


24th April

The following words came from French but are used in English. What do they mean or what are they?

1. A la carte - According to the menu = choose from the menu, it is not a set dinner

2. Bistro - a small, inexpensive restaurant

3. Boutique - a small hop selling fashionable clothes or accessories

4. Faux pas - false step = an embarrassing or tactless remark or act in a social situation

5. Encore - again = are repeated or additional performance at the end of a concert, called for by the audience

6. Nom de plume - pen name = an assumed name used by an author

7. Masseur - a person (male) who provides professional massage

8. Cordon bleu - blue-ribbon = highest standard of cooking

9. Crouton - a small piece of fried or toasted bread generally served with soup

10. Gauche - left = socially awkward. Interestingly, in Latin, the word for left is sinister, meaning evil or malicious.

11. Chef - Cook

12. Esprit de corps - spirit of the body = a feeling of pride shared by a group

13. Amour - love

14. Art Nouveau - new art = dates from approx. 1890 - 1916, decorative art

15. Bonhomie - good fellow = cheerful friendliness

16. Chauffeur - driver

17. Bon voyage - good journey = have a good trip

18. Cuisine - kitchen = style of cooking

19. Enfant Terrible - terrible child = a person who behaves in an unconventional/controversial way

20. Fait accompli - done deed

21. Entree - main course of a meal or a dish served between the first and main course at a formal dinner

22. Gateau - cake

23. Grand Prix - chief prize = a series of horse/motor racing with international dimension

24. Mal de Mer - illness of the sea = seasickness

25. Matinee - morning = an afternoon performance of the show



23rd April

Anagrams of European Cities. Rearrange the letters to discover the names of European cities. Can you place them in the correct countries? 

1. solO

2. eVinec

3. moRe

4. Asthen

5. engLardin

6. stOned

7. paNels

8. saPir

9. mamhirBing

10. roCk

11. daMdir

12. looTed

13. nisLob

14. madreAmst

15. Tuuseloo

16. donnoL

17. hErbugind

18. fidfarC

19. saBle

20. orcenFel


Answers: Oslo, Venice, Rome, Athens, Leningrad, Ostend, Naples, Paris, Birmingham, Cork, Madrid, Toledo, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Toulouse, London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Basel, Florence.





26th March 2020



If three cunning cats can catch three masterful mice in three minutes, how many cunning cats could catch one hundred masterful mice in one hundred minutes?


Tea time

A cup and saucer together weigh 120g. The cup weighs twice as much as the saucer. How much does the saucer weigh?


Lost Proverb

A well known proverb meaning to do things when they need to be done is hidden in this sentence: "This is meant as an incentive."


Answers for 26th March

Three minutes

Saucer weighs 40g.

A stitch in time saves nine.




27th March 2020


Unscramble the following letters so they spell just one word: NETOUSDJORW


In the magic square below, all the lines of four figures should add up to 34, whether read across, down or diagonally. By mistake, two numbers have been wrongly placed. Can you discover which two?

         16       3      2       13

          5       10     11      8

         9        6       12      7

         4       15      14      1


Take twelve coins and lay them out in a very familiar pattern so that you end up with three straight lines and an odd number of coins in each line. 



Answers for 27th March

Just One Word (sorry, I know it's corny).

The 7 and 12 must be interchanged.

Make a triangle with 5 coins in each side, it totals 12 coins.



30th March 2020

Click on the link below for match puzzles.




Answers for 30th March




31st March 2020

Click on the link below for Puzzle 1


2. These letters represent a conversation that took place recently in an East European hotel between two secret agents. One was posing as a waiter, the other was ordering breakfast. Both spoke in English, but with unusual accents. What did they say?

F U N E X ?


F U N E M?



3. What occurs once in a minute, twice in a moment but not once in a hundred years?



Answers for 31st March

1. Click on the link below for the answer to Puzzle 1


2.  Have you any eggs? Yes, we have eggs.

Have you any ham? Yes we have ham.

Okay. I'll have ham and eggs.

3. The letter M


1st April 2020

1. Lord Crabtree bought 28 bottles of wine and put then in his wine cellar as follows :     

2  5  2

5     5

2  5  2

He could now count 9 bottles on each side - 2+5+2 = 9

His butler came along and found a way to take 4 bottles and still leave Lord Crabtree counting 9 bottles on each side. Rearrange the numbers in the container to make 9 in each external row/column but with 4 bottles gone from the total.

2. The following night, the butler was up to his tricks again and removed 4 more bottles but managed to make it so Lord Crabtree was still counting 9 on each side. This time, the total number of bottles must be 20.

3. What should be the next number in this sequence : 1 2 5 9 5 8 1 2 5 9 5 9 1 3 ...(Hint Digital Clock)


Answers for 1st April

3  3  3          4  1  4                                  12.59:58 - 12.59:59 - 13.00:00 

3      3          1      1

3  3  3          4  1  4


2nd April 2020

Can you pick out the True and False Statements Below:

1.Teddy bears were named after the American president Theodore Roosevelt.
2.In southern Italy, tulips are grown because they are nice to look at but also as a delicacy regularly eaten as part of a salad.
3.Typewriters were first developed to help the blind.
4.Benjamin Franklin invented the digital clock in 1777.
5.An earthworm can pull ten times its own weight.
6.Originally, the yo-yo was a Filipino jungle weapon.
7.Cars were first started by ignition keys in 1949.
8.William Lee invented a knitting machine in 1589.
9.Indian ink actually comes from China.
10.The oldest account of a chimney describes one in Venice in 1347.
11.President Dwight Eisenhower was once North American Monopoly champion.
12.Elephants cannot jump.
13.No mammal has poisonous glands.
14.A gorilla's brain weighs approx. 483g.
15.Only male nightingales sing.


Answers for 2nd April

True = 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 15. 


3rd April 2020

There will be no puzzles/challenges during the Easter period. These are the final puzzles until further notice.

1.What is it that everyone believes is always coming, but never really arrives?
2.What is it that you can't hold for half an hour, even though it's lighter than feather?
3.What is it that's put on the table, cut and passed, but never eaten?
4.What is it that occurs four times in every week, twice in every month, but only once in a year?

Write down five odd numbers so that when you add them up, they total fourteen.

There is one everyday English word which, when printed in capital letters, reads exactly the same upside down as it does the right way up. What's the word? (Hint: a time of day).


Answers for 3rd April

1. Tomorrow

2. your breath

3. A deck of cards

4. The letter E
















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