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Hi everyone!

I can’t believe it’s the week of the holidays already! 😊 We are almost finished Senior Infants – just 5 days and counting! You have all worked so hard and I am so proud of each one of you… It must have been difficult to change from learning in school to learning at home with your families – but you did it!

A very big Happy Birthday to Ruby who will turn 7 on Wednesday! Have a super day Ruby!

AND...a big happy birthday to those who will be celebrating their birthday during the summer - Michael, Isabelle, Hannah, Darragh and Ella

Thank You Parents: A special thank you all the parents and families for all your hard work. I know that home life can be very busy and I appreciate the time you all took for the photos, emails, videos, updates etc. you have sent me to keep me updated.

We have decided not to assign any work this week as we feel you have worked so hard during the school closure!!

Optional Work: Of course, if you have some time each day, feel free continue to work on the reminder of the books that were sent home. This extra practice can help revise and consolidate what we have learned. Because summer is a time when we go swimming or go to the beach – I always like to do some water safety lessons in school. Unfortunately, that is not possible but the PAWS Water Safety website is just brilliant and the lessons can be done at home. The website is:

There are 4 lessons in total and some activities to assess what you have learned. Down at the very bottom of the homepage you can type in your name and receive your PAWS Hero certificate! 😊

Zoom Calls😊: I am so excited to see you all for our zoom call this week – lots of you want to take part so to ensure I can have enough time to chat to you all – I will be doing 2 calls – one on Wednesday morning @ 11am and Friday @ 11am. I hope these times are ok. I will let you know your time tomorrow (Monday) along with the meeting ID and password. I will send you a message on Class Dojo. You will need to download the Zoom app on your tablet / laptop to take part. 😊

Have a fabulous summer holidays! Don’t forget to come back and pay me a visit next year!

- Mrs Prendergast 😊



June 8th – 12th – The countdown is on! 😊

Hi all!

Hope everyone is keeping well! The holidays are super close now!

- We have assigned work on the padlet for the week but have reduced it as it is so close to the end and the lovely, warm weather is supposed to return next week!

- Keep your eyes peeled for a special video tomorrow on Class Dojo to announce the winner of our art competition – your prize will be on the way to you this week! It was super difficult to choose, you all did such an amazing job!

- Story Tuesday: This week, I will be reading “The Cook and the King” by Julia Donaldson. Have a look and see how these two characters swap roles:

- I will message those with the date and time details very soon for our Zoom call next week so make sure to message me and let me know if your child would like to take part. I’m so excited for it! Thank you to all the Mums and Dads who have messaged me – I have your child included on the list.

I also wanted to wish Conan a super big HAPPY BIRTHDAY for this Saturday when he will turn 7! Have a wonderful day Conan! 

 Thank you for all your super hard work so far! I’m so proud of all of you Super Seniors!

- Mrs Prendergast 




1.       Jolly Practice – Tricky Words – Green Group:

“where”, “who”, “which” – pg 47


2.       Write about the picture: “The Statue” – pg 48


3.       What can you see in the summer garden? – This is a nice writing activity but can be tricky and the children will need you to give them the spelling of hard words. Remind them to keep the sentences simple. Model two or three for them e.g. “I can see a tree and flowers.”, “The girl and boy are swimming.”


4.       Name 5 things!: This is a fun, whole family activity – you can make it a game and use timer if you wish for added pressure! 😊


1.       Days of the week practice – page 119-120


2.       Days of the week diary – page 120 – this is a nice page to do maybe on a Friday where the children can reflect back on the week and draw a picture in each box of something they did on that day!


3.       Maths Trail – these are super fun when we do them in school so try this one all around your house!

History/ Geography/ Science

1.       5 senses scavenger hunt 😊


2.       My favourite memory: this is a nice page in the small world and is a reflective exercise – they can draw about when we did Aistear, sang songs, perform our Christmas play, made popcorn! Whatever they like – they may have favourite memory from the lockdown period that they wish to draw also and this is perfectly fine!


3.       Science experiments – YouTube Video

Visual Arts / Music

1.       Under the Sea – song from The Little Mermaid – listening and responding exercise


2.       Paper plate aquarium/fish tank – Art activity


June 2nd – 5th

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely long weekend and enjoyed the sunshine! We are finally into the month of June (YAY!) so we are going to cut back on the work we are assigning to the children! After all, if we were in school, we would be cutting back on written work and doing more activities both inside and out!

They have worked so hard and deserve so much credit for adjusting to doing their school work at home with their new teachers. You truly are Super Seniors! J

Thank you also parents, you have all done an incredible job and I so appreciate all the photos, messages, emails, updates you have sent me!

So, the work for this week is, as always, detailed in the Padlet but I have outlined it below for you to work through. Pick and choose what you wish to do as I know there are lots of other activities going on at home like baking, gardening, crafts etc..

There is no pressure to complete it all, it is purely a guide.

Just a reminder that the closing date for our art competition is

Wednesday 3rd June so please make sure to complete and send your entries as soon as possible!!

I want to wish a big Happy Birthday to Sarah who turned 7 today (Monday)!

I hope you had a wonderful birthday Sarah!!  

Our story this week: The Everywhere Bear:


Last week's story: Tiddler - the story telling fish:

It might remind you of somebody who visited our class earlier on in the year! :  

I will put up a video story up here each week for June and in the final week would love to schedule a Zoom call with my Seniors so we can have a chat, say goodbye and finish off the school year. This is completely optional, no obligation but if your child wishes to take part, simply send me a quick email or dojo message giving consent for your child to take part in the call. I will let you know the details closer to the time!

Thank you all and have a lovely week!


1.      Write about the picture: “Helping to fix the car”


2.      Creative Writing: My Dream School Tour – This is a little tricky and may need help from someone older. Brainstorm some different school tours orally and chat about what makes a school tour great! Write or draw about it on the worksheet


3.      Dictation: Have a go at writing some of the words on the padlet. Mum/Dad will call them out and you can write them!


4.      “The Everywhere Bear”: Teacher Video Story (link above) Chat about the story with Mum or Dad and explain your favourite part. Compare the bear to Billy, our classroom bear. Talk about the bear’s adventures and how he made his way back to the classroom.


5.      Read with a parent/sibling/friend: Take some time each day to practice reading but share the reading. It makes it more fun!


6.      Oral Language: The Zoo (Starlight)


The children will all have their big Busy At Maths Book by now so they can complete activities in their workbooks if you wish. Pages will be outlined on the Padlet. The answers could also be given orally.

This week we will look at Capacity. Capacity is a fun but messy topic which the children always enjoy. Here we will look at items/containers that are full/empty. We will also look at items/containers and decide which one holds more/less and the most/least. Lots of examples from your kitchen can be used here. The children can explore capacity outside as it Cn be messy to tidy up! Lots of hands on activities are important here and make sure to ask them plenty of questions.

Finally, the children will guess and then measure how many cupfuls of water it takes to fill a bowl, teapot, bottle and saucepan. They always love doing activities like this in school. Remember to stress that it doesn’t matter if the guess and answer are not the same. You may have to model one or two to show them but they have practiced estimating in school already.


Ócáidí Speisialta: Ar an Trá Ceacht 1-2 (based on the theme ‘At the Beach’.) This is our last topic in Bua na Cainte if you wish to try it.


Link with English above - My Dream Tour: Where did we go? What did we see? You can draw and discuss where we went!


In Geography, we will look at far and away. You can chat about the images in your workbook if you like. 


This week we are talking about the different seasons. You can use your Small World textbook. Why not go on summer hunt around your house/area? Any answers can be given orally.


In your Grow in Love workbook, this week we are looking at pages 54-55. We will learn about John the Baptist and how we can show love for God each day. Video links to the lesson are available on padlet. 


This week, why not try and make some popsicle art-here you can use coloured card/felt/fabric to create some yummy looking icy pops! Image ideas are found on the Padlet.


On the Padlet this week, why not try some esports week challenges. The whole family can get involved, especially when the weather is so nice!


Listen and sing along to the song “A Sailor went to sea.”


 My contact info: or message me on Class Dojo J

A special treat from Bertie and me: A lovely story video of "Tiddler: the story telling fish". We hope you like it! -

Hi everyone! 

We are heading into our last week of May! Some good news to share with you all is that the amount of work will be gradually easing down as we come closer to the end of Senior Infants. If we were in school, we would be spending more time outside playing, doing outdoor activities and taking advantage of the good weather. Learning from home should be no different!

First of all, I want to wish a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Cathal this week who will be turning 7 on Tuesday! I hope you have a super day Cathal! 

I encourage you all to get in contact with one another and have little video calls and virtual play dates if possible. It is important that the girls and boys stay in contact with their friends and can have a little chat even for just a few minutes. Maybe show a friend a new toy or something you made – share your news!

Parents, I wanted to draw your attention to some lovely health and well-being activities that have been newly designed for primary school children during this time. Their aim is to bring peace and comfort in any situation. You can pick and choose whichever one you would like to listen to or simply download the e-book full of lovely breathing and relaxing techniques. I’ve tried them myself and really loved them J Pick and choose as you like...

1. E-book:

2. Audio clips:


- Work for the week is in more detail on the padlet, but I have briefly listed it all below.

Remember: There is no pressure to do it all, pick and choose as I know motivation to do work must be fairly low at the moment! Please send me some more lovely pictures as I want to show them off on my page on the website J

I’m so so so proud of you all my Super Seniors!



1.     Jumbled Up Sentences

2.    Write about the picture: The Shipwreck

3.    Phonics Worksheet: ‘er’, ‘ir’, ‘ur = ‘er’ sound

4.    Oral Language – The Zoo – access on

5.    Tricky Words Worksheet: little and down

6.    My Read at home pages 1-5 – just for reading!!! Questions to be answered orally

7.    Story: Read by parent: The Making of Milton

8.    KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED for a video story from me this week. I hope you like it J


(Teddy Irish)

Siopadóireacht: Ceacht 4-6

- listen to the story and play the games

- create a scene using the images on the whiteboard

- don’t forget to practice “Istigh sa Zú”


1.     Money – adding 2 prices – PADLET


Keep your eyes peeled for a VERY EXCITING announcement on Class Dojo on Monday!! Eek!


All on Padlet

1.     My house is a squash and a squeeze –story and activities

2.    Timeline of baby pictures – ages 1-6 or 7 linked with R.E. on PADLET

3.    What happens next? – discussion activity of what would happen if e.g. Teacher dropped her banana skin on the ground – would she leave it there? Would she pick it up? Where would she put it?  


All on padlet

1.     Floating and sinking  - experiment, worksheet, video – PADLET

2.    Why do we exercise? – video and worksheet PADLET


All on padlet

1.     I can listen! PADLET – this is a nice worksheet which should be done with lots of discussion as we want the children to be able to listen and respond to the views of others, to practice care and consideration with communicating with others and recognise the importance of sharing and being fair in class, school and at home.

2.    Relaxation and breathing exercises


1.     Learn all about baptism! – PADLET


All on Padlet

1.     DIY musical shakers – these are super fun to make and we usually make them around this time in school. TIP: In my experience, masking tape is great to seal the edges and avoid any rice escaping!!

2.    “I’m happy” song J


1.     PE with Joe Wicks - YouTube

2.    Listening and breathing exercises - PADLET

3.    Walk with your family

4.    Go on a Scavenger Hunt – around the house or back yard - PADLET

If there is something you cannot access / find / don’t understand – please don’t hesitate to send me a message! J



Week beginning 18th – 22nd May

Hi everyone!

Hope you’re all keeping well during the lockdown!

I want to wish Tadhg a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY! He turns 7 on Wednesday ! I hope you have a terrific day Tadhg!

I’m so proud of you all for working so hard during this time and wanted to thank your amazing, patient parents for working with you and contacting me by dojo / email to let me know how you are doing!

...And of course, for sending me fabulous photos of all you have done! I have included some photos above of some of the wonderful work I have received! Some girls and boys have: made amazing lego creations, written wonderful pieces of writing, drawn pictures, painted pictures and lovely clay creations, designed and sewn fabulous doll’s clothes, built forts and fairy gardens, went on nature walks collecting flowers and leaves, spotted fairy doors and rabbit holes etc.

There are no words to describe how incredibly PROUD I am of every one of you all!!

Remember we all have good days and bad days! So do your best!

The work for the week is detailed on the padlet as always...

I have detailed the work below for you to tick off as you go along: REMEMBER: NO NEED to complete it ALL! Pick and choose, this will help keep the children’s interest in doing work...






Our News: Write a piece of family news 5-6 sentences.

Write about the picture: PADLET: Write sentences based on the picture “Digging for Treasure”

Phonics: ‘ow’ sound worksheet on PADLET

Tricky Words: - Worksheet on PADLET – “live, give”

- Practice reading the words or playing tricky word bingo games

- Write some sentences (4 max. at a time!) using the tricky words your child is stuck on.

- Hide 10 tricky words around the house/in the garden in a treasure hunt style activity. They must write the word as they find it! J

Reading Comprehensions: PADLET : These are NEW for us so they may take time, guidance and may even modelling by Mum/Dad.

Jumbled Up Sentences: PADLET: These can be re-written if you wish but this can be a tiring exercise for some children. Often completing this orally is enough J



Siopadóireacht : Ceacht 1-2

- There’s a song “Istigh sa zú” and a scéal “Sicín Licín” they can listen to.

- I have also recorded myself reading a short story book reader – it’s aimed at early 1st Class and Senior Infants are NOT expected to read this!!!! They are not at this level yet. It is just to allow them to listen to Gaeilge and look at Irish words and sentences. They can attempt to read them with me or after me.



PADLET: Money – Our last difficult topic left this year!

Senior Infants Maths curriculum requires the children to recognise coins up to 20 and use coins up to the value of 10c – no more!


As good as worksheets are there is nothing better than playing with money – plastic or real money. Often real money is better!

We would have been doing the supermarket in Aistear around this time as it ties in with Maths but Gaeilge also!

But never fear, we can do the next best thing!

Setting up a simple shop at home e.g. fruit shop or sweet shop and labelling everything with prices (keep them low e.g. apple = 2c, banana = 3c, orange = 2c, kiwi, = 1c, pineapple = 6c etc.)

Get the children to write a short shopping list and perform simple transactions with you as shopkeeper. (In Aistear, I would always model how to play this as some do not know how!)

Ask questions: What can I buy for 10c? What is the most expensive/cheapest fruit? How much will 2 apples cost? I only have 5c – what can I buy?

- DON’T WORRY about change!! Just recognising the coins, counting them and more importantly knowing the value is what matters most!



PADLET: Story: My house is a squash and a squeeze

Sequencing worksheet: In what order did the old lady take animals into her house?

What was the lesson the lady learned at the end of the story?



PADLET: We are learning all about minibeasts! J




- Orienteering exercises and lovely breathing exercises to look after the children’s well being.

- Yoga for kids

- Races and relays J



PADLET: Cotton Buds Dandelions: These are all over the countryside at the moment! Some lovely art to brighten up your kitchen!



PADLET: Listening to others J

The older stories have been left up as they are lovely to watch back from time to time J



PADLET: Visiting the local church – there are some videos to watch on the padlet and a page in the workbook.

If we were in school, we would be taking a trip down to the church to look at the parts of the church, items in the church etc. remembering it is a quiet, respectful place i.e. no running or loud voices. I think some churches are re-opening this week just for people to visit and pray (no Sunday service) so if you can take a visit that would be even better.


Week beginning 11th - 15th May


Hi everyone!


Hope you are all keeping well during the lockdown! 

Thank you so much for all the hard work you are doing at home with your children. I have so enjoyed everything you have shared with me on Class Dojo and through email. All I can say is thank you, I miss you all and keep up the wonderful work! 


I want to say a big Happy Birthday to Keelan who will be 7 on Wednesday! I hope you have a wonderful day! 


The padlet has been updated again this week. Do as much as you like. I forgot to mention that as most of you have the Grow in Love workbooks with you, please feel free to do the corresponding pages in it if you wish.


Some specific work is detailed below for the core subjects and we also added in some orienteering for PE on the padlet you might like to do but there is a little bit of preparation involved. No pressure to do it just to give you the option as it is on the PE curriculum and we would have been doing it in school around this time.

Have a good week everyone! And let me know if you need help with anything!


Tricky Words: Keep revising those tricky words as best as you can. The following activities might help inject a bit of fun into tricky words. 

1.     Write out 10 tricky words out on pieces of paper and flip them over, if your child can say the word they keep it. If not they turn it back over and pick again. The aim is to collect all the words in 2 minutes.

2.    Bingo: Draw an empty grid on a page/ whiteboard with 6 boxes and ask them to pick 6 words out of a possible 10 or 12 to play a bingo game. A lot of fun with other members of the family.

3.    Hopscotch: Draw hopscotch boxes on the ground outside but instead of numbers write tricky words. They must say each word as they jump on it.

4.    Paint/Feely-bag: Pour a quantity of coloured paint into a large zip-lock bag, seal tightly and spread the paint out throughout the bag. Write some tricky words on cards and the children can take turns writing the words with their fingers through the bag. This activity can also be done with sand instead of paint

Reader:  Continue Stop That Dog! We had one final reader to read in school but this can be accessed online on Folens. It is called “”Stop That Dog”. There is an activity book to accompany the reader but there is no need to any of the pages in it. 

 Instructions to get this title for free:

1.     Go to and click register

2.    Select “Teacher”.

3.    Fill in a username, password and email.

4.    For the “roll number” type: PRIM20

5.    Search for “Stop That Dog”.

Oral Language Activity: See the padlet – “Starlight – The Ducks”. This will need to be logged in on  like the reader above. There’s lots of lessons we have done here so you may have to search to find – “The Ducks”.


Jolly Phonics: On the Padlet you will find some writing activities from the children’s Jolly workbooks focusing on tricky words, ee and ea words, ie, i_e, y words and some imaginative writing on The Queen.


Comprehension Exercises: We are going to begin to work on simple reading comprehensions during this term. The children read the story and circle the correct answer to the questions at the bottom. These can be found on the Padlet. Please note: They have never done these before or even seen one so they will need some assistance with them at first but hopefully should get on ok. 


An Teilifís: Ceacht 10-11

Listen to the comhrá, play the games and play with some of the whiteboard features.

*Hopefully some nice stories/reading activities will be coming next week for Gaeilge. Watch this space!



is more than/ is less than

There some tips on how to teach this concept on the padlet as it is quite tricky. Lining up simple objects like buttons or lego bricks helps hugely.

Asking some questions like: How many are on the top row? How many on the bottom row? Which row has more? Which row has less? How many more has ... ?


Often the use of jellies/chocolate buttons can really help keep concentration. These can also act as a reward for a job well done!  


Keep practicing reading the time! In school I would have a jar that any time someone told me an ‘o’clock time’ that they spotted on the classroom clock, I would put a button in the jar for a class prize at the end of the week! This can be done at home using a simple sticker chart. Sometimes they may need a little help to get started so I used to pick someone to tell me the time time for a day or two to get them used to it.


The Wind and the Sun - story - there is a worksheet on the padlet but the children can draw a picture from the story and write a sentence or two about it e.g. The wind and the sun are having a fight. The wind thinks he can make the man take off his coat.


We are learning about space, the sun and the moon and all about earthworms.  


We are learning all about King Solomon and the church he built. If we were in school we would stick lovely jewels (from Mr Price) onto the walls of his church around the door to decorate it.


Week beginning 5th May – Friday 8th May

Hello everyone!

Hope you had a lovely weekend and took a well deserved break!

Back to school work today and we have updated the padlet for you all for all subjects but as always there are some specific work to be done for the core subjects noted below.

Please do as much as your child can, there is no need to complete everything. Often it is nice for your child to pick what they might like to do first (if they aren’t in ‘schoolwork mode’).

And remember our golden rule! Do Your Best!



Well done to some wonderful people for completing their handwriting books! If you haven’t keep going!


Tricky Words: Keep revising those tricky words! Pick 3 or 4 and put them into sentences e.g. I like to play with my friends. My mother is helping me do my work. My Granddad is very old.


Reader: We had one final reader to read in school but this can be accessed online on Folens. It is called “”Stop That Dog”

Instructions to get this title for free:

1.    Go to and click register

2.    Select “Teacher”.

3.    Fill in a username, password and email.

4.    For the “roll number” type: PRIM20

5.    Search for “Stop That Dog”.


Oral Language Activity: They LOVE this in school! And will be delighted that they get to press all the buttons.

See the padlet – “Starlight – The Ducks”. This will need to be logged in on  like the reader above.


Free Writing: If you find that your child is eager to do some free writing, let them. Often this may be difficult to read due to spelling but their get great self confidence and pride in ‘writing a story’. Encourage them to create an illustration for the story.



An Teilifís: Ceacht 7 – 9

Don’t forget to listen to the scéal! And you can play around with some of the games and the whiteboard feature on Bua na Cainte.

(Installing Bua na Cainte steps are detailed in previous posts.)



We are moving on to telling the time!

The Senior Infant Maths curriculum requires children to: tell the time in hourly intervals.

I have mapped out some activities on the padlet but they can also go on and do pg 34 of the little Busy at Maths as well as some worksheets on the padlet.

Please note: We have explored time in school with regard to months, seasons and the calendar.

It is nice to have a monthly calendar hanging somewhere in the house and the children can mark the day, note the date and month regularly.

It is technically Summer now as the summer months are May, June and July in Ireland but we will talk more about summer later on this month.



Hi everyone!

I just wanted to draw your attention to the news section of the school website (you can find it on the main home page - it is the blue tab above the calendar on the right hand side of your screen). Here you will find a letter to the parents / guardians of Powerstown N.S. as well as a letter to the children of Powerstown N.S. We would love if you could take a moment to read them. There is also a statement regarding the sacramental ceremonies for 2nd and 6th Class within these letters. The link below is a letter received from Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan.


If you wish to contact me, please use the following email address if you have any questions or queries:

OR you can contact me through Class Dojo

Mrs Prendergast


Monday 27th April 2020

Hi everyone! I hope you are all keeping well and are enjoying the lovely weather!

Bertie is loving going for walks every day but hasn’t been very good at helping me in the garden!

I have updated the padlet with some new work for this week! Remember there is no pressure to complete all of it but some of you last week were flying though the work! You have all been working so so hard for your parents, I’m so proud of you all! Well Done!

I want to wish a big Happy Birthday to some people who have not been able to celebrate while we were in school! I hope you had a lovely day!

Happy Birthday to:

Pippa and Meadhbh who had their birthdays in March

And to Oísín and Ahmed S. who celebrated their birthdays in April

**N.B. Below please find specific work for the three core subjects! All other work is linked on the padlet :


You can access our Irish programme we do in school at home (instructions below)

An Teilifís: Continue on with Ceacht 4 – 6 (the children will know how to navigate through the lesson from watching me in school)

Allow them to listen to the story which is “An Lacha Gránna” – The Ugly Duckling as Gaeilge.

To access the programme:

1. Go to

2. Select the file which suits your computer – PC or MAC. Please note that Bua na Cainte only works on PC and MAC computers.

3. Select the class level that you require (Senior Infants), and then click on it to start a download of the file.

4. Once the download has completed, click on the file to install and follow the on-screen instructions.

5. A Bua na Cainte icon will appear on your desktop. Once you select this icon a login page will open where you will need to enter the details below.

Login: trial                   Password: trial


Tricky Words

Revise the tricky words at the back of the yellow jolly book.

Page 46 – Words 1 – 30. If the children are confident and can say these words without hesitation – Move on to Page 47 and work up to word 60.


Have a look at page 29 – MORE MAGIC ‘E’ - tell the children that in these words there is a ‘magic e’ at the end that makes the ‘o’ say his name instead of his sound. Let them practice saying the words if they are able.

If they are not! No problem!

You point to the word, say it and let them repeat it!

Only do a few each day or as many as you feel your child is able!


Write the family news once a week.

Write about the picture.

On the padlet there are two pictures that the children are encouraged to write 3 - 5 sentences about. I have also put up an example done by me up on the padlet.

Some helpful sentence starters are: (There are more on the padlet!)

- I can see.....

- Look at the....

- There is....


We should be close to finishing the little handwriting book!

Well Done Everyone!!


Adding up to the number 10.

- Practical, hands-on activities can be found on padlet.

- Make a number line from 1 – 10 as this is a very helpful tool when completing activities. You can complete sums orally. Get the children to place their fingers on the first number and jump on ? e.g. 3 + 4 = : Place finger on 3, jump on 4 and that’s the answer.  

- Workbook up to page 33


Monday 20th April 2020

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter and no doubt ate lots and lots of chocolate J I hope you are all keeping well, aren’t missing school too much and are enjoying spending time with your families.

The weather is beautiful today and is supposed to be lovely for the week so spend lots of time outside playing in the sun!

The work I am giving is a guide that you can pick and choose from. I understand that it can be hard at home to get around to doing it all but remember our golden rule – “Do Your Best!”.

If you would like – please send me on some pictures of your work/activities/artwork etc. on class dojo. I'd love to see your amazing work J

Work has been detailed below but I also put it in a padlet to make it more visual and clear.

On the padlet I have the links to games, websites, powerpoints to help with the learning. There are some worksheets to do if you can print them but it is a good idea to have a spare copy or folder to keep all the writing together.

I have detailed work for Gaeilge, Maths and English but activities and work for all other subjects can be seen on the padlet. (Link above!)

Thanks so much for all the work you are doing at home!

Stay Safe,

Mrs Prendergast 


You can access our Irish programme we do in school at home (instructions below)

An Teilifís: Ceacht 1 – 3 (the children will know how to navigate through the lesson from watching me in school) There is also a story they can listen to. There are little activities for them to do. If you have any difficulties getting in and navigating – let me know on Class Dojo.


To access the programme:

1. Go to

2. Select the file which suits your computer – PC or MAC. Please note that Bua na Cainte only works on PC and MAC computers.

3. Select the class level that you require (Senior Infants), and then click on it to start a download of the file.

4. Once the download has completed, click on the file to install and follow the on-screen instructions.

5. A Bua na Cainte icon will appear on your desktop. Once you select this icon a login page will open where you will need to enter the details below.

Login: trial                   Password: trial


Going on to the number 10

- Practical, hands-on activities can be found on padlet

- Workbook pg 28- 30


Tricky Words

Revise the tricky words at the back of the yellow jolly book.

Page 46 – Words 1 – 30.

Have a look at page 26 – tell the children that in these words there is a ‘magic e’ at the end that makes the ‘i’ say his name instead of his sound. Let them practice saying the words if they are able.

If they are not! No problem!

You point to the word, say it and let them repeat it!

Only do a few each day or as many as you feel your child is able!


Write the family news once a week.

Write about the picture.

On the padlet there are two pictures that the children are encouraged to write 3 - 5 sentences about. I have also put up an example done by me up on the padlet.

Some helpful sentence starters are:

- I can see.....

- Look at the....


I think the next pages are 30-32 – I don’t have the book here with me at home so I may be incorrect. Apologies for this but continue to assist the children in practicing their letters, capitals in particular. Keep an eye on pencil grip.


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