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Welcome back Third Class,

I hope you all enjoyed your extra-long long weekend. The weather has been amazing. I hope you spent lots of time outdoors.

As I mentioned on zoom last week, I will be winding down the work for the month of June. I am keeping the written work to a minimum and I have tried to make the work as fun as possible. Instead of a list of daily work, I will be uploading a weekly menu of activities for you to complete before the end of the week. As always, this is just a guide. Do what you can, when you can and always try your best 😊

If anyone wants to send me artwork/ stem challenges and/or work you're proud of, please email me.

Happy Birthday to Ryan, who is ten today!! I hope you have a great day.

Stay safe and well,

Ms. Grace



·       Mental Maths Week 35 p. 104 -106  




·       Revise x 2, 4, 8 tables by playing some of the following games



·       Solve the following

1.     I am more than 15 and less than 25. If you count in 7’s you will find me. What number am I?


2.     I am an odd number between 25 and 30. When you divide me by 3, you get 9. What number am I?


3.     Start with 6. Subtract the number that comes before 5. Add the number that comes after 2. Multiply by 2. What number am I?


4.     I am a 2-digit number. I am more than 7 + 8. I am less than 9 + 9.  Add my digits together, and you get 8. What number am I?  





·       Read the following story: I'm bored! There is nothing to do...

Read and answer the multiple choice questions based on the story (orally)



·       Exercise your English p. 80. Read the poem ‘Falling Asleep in Class’.

Read and answer the questions (A) based on the poem (orally)



·       Write Here p. 58 – 59




·       Bua na Cainte p. 155. Listen to the song ‘An Samhradh’

** Bua na Cainte programme - Click on the ‘Aimsir – An Samhradh’ link. Next, click on ‘Ceacht 2’, then click on the green music note to listen to the song.



·       Bua na Cainte p. 156. Draw and label the picture ‘Cois Farraige’ into your copy.

Key Words:   carraig – rock        ag iascaireacht – fishing         sliogán – shell           portán – crab      ag crú na gréine – sunbathing      bratach – flag       caisleán – castle         ag lapadáil - paddling

** Bua na Cainte programme - Click on the ‘Aimsir – An Samhradh’ link. Next, click on ‘Ceacht 2’, then click on the speech bubble to listen to the comhrá.





For art this week, I would like you to try ‘Moon and Sun’ art. Like last week, it involves using loads of bright colours and patterns to contrast warm and cool skies. I would love to see what you come up with 😊




STEM Challenges:

Complete one of the following:


·       Make a house of cards

·       Make a bridge that will hold some toy cars




Most of you should now have your tin whistles. Can you remember any of the songs we learned during the year? Give them a practice during the week. You can find all the songs below





Solve the Emoji:

Emoji – Find the value of the sunglasses, the dress, and the sunhat. Solve the final sum.






This type of puzzle is called a dingbat. See if you can work out the message for these dingbats.

The first one is ‘I’m in the middle of something’. Try the other four. Mam, Dad or whoever is at home, may be able to give you a hand or a clue.





Your heart is a muscle about the size of your fist. It is an important muscle because its job is to pump the blood around your body. It never stops. When your heart beats it sends a wave of pressure through all of your veins in your body. We call this your pulse. One place to feel your pulse is on your wrist in a straight line at the base of your thumb.

·       Record pulse rate at rest, by counting pulse beats on the wrist for 1 minute.

·       Run around your garden a couple of times or do a minute of jumping jacks.

·       Immediately record pulse rate again.

What did you notice? Is your pulse rate slower or faster?

Your heart pumps faster when you are exercising because your body needs more blood and more oxygen.

For more heart facts, click below.





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