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Hello Fourth class

Wishing Hope a very happy birthday, what a lovely day for a birthday!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the beautiful weather over the past few days.

I’m hoping to chat to you again this Wednesday using Zoom. I've sent an invitation to your parents with a meeting ID and password for the meeting. I’d like you to think of two questions for a fun quiz we will do on Zoom. Your questions can be about general knowledge, sports, animals…whatever you like. And if you have any jokes or riddles you’d like to share with us, that would be lovely J

My email is: if you would like to get in touch.

As Mr.Fogarty mentioned on the school website, we are going to start winding down the work for June. I won’t be giving a list of daily work. I’ll put up a list of work to be completed before the end of the week. If it's too much just leave out an activity or two.

** I have put last week’s homework plan onto my dropbox account, if you would like to look at it again.

**To access the answers to Mental Maths, Reading Zone, Spellbound, and Small World please click on the following link for dropbox.



1.Do your corrections from last week: Reading Zone (Dropbox), Spellbound (Dropbox) and English in Practice.

English in Practice Day 10 Answers

1.    Earth

2.   Centre

3.   Height

4.   Cliff

5.   Material

6.   We think he’s clever.

7.   Again

8.   Revise

9.   Something that is unusual or odd.

10. Harry Potter

11.  Good, young

12. Fluent reading, scary book

13. Adjective

14. The reader’s excitement showed.

15. It’s really exciting.


2. Write Here: pages 47 and 48

3. English in Practice Day 11 and 12

4. Spellbound page 72 Thesaurus Work

5. ‘Safe Harbour’ Read chapters 18 ‘The Keepsake’ and 19 ‘Blue Skies’

6. -Complete the following activity online by reading and selecting the correct answers. Click launch to begin. Try to complete the 3 stars level.




1.    Mental Maths Week 35 pages 104-106

2.   Mathemagic pages 146 and 147 (There are 20 questions altogether so try to do 5 of these questions each day)




1.    Corrections: Correct ‘Scríobh an Scéal’ page 198 – answers are below.

2.   Bua na Cainte Interactive programme: An Aimsir, An Samhradh Ceacht 4 Listen to the story and make sure you turn on the words of the story for you to follow (click on the mouse holding the book) Play the games for this lesson too by clicking on the games console symbol.

3.   Bua na Cainte book: page 199 ‘Scríobh an scéal’ I’d like you to do these questions in your Irish copy. I will give you some clues and also the beginning of your answers.

1.    Chuaigh mé…

2.   Bhí…

3.   Bhí mé/Ní raibh mé…

4.   Luigh mé/Níor luigh mé…

5.   Bhí mé/Ní raibh mé…

6.   Chuaigh mé/Ní dheachaigh mé…

7.   Chuaigh mé/Ní dheachaigh mé…

8.   Chuaigh mé/Ní dheachaigh mé…

9.   D’éist mé/Níor éist mé…

10. Thóg mé/Níor thóg mé…

11.  Bhailigh mé/Níor bhailigh mé…

12. Chonaic mé/ Ní fhaca mé…

Clues: 1. Did you go to the beach?

2.What sort of weather was it?

11. Did you collect shells?

12. Did you see a lighthouse on an island?


Corrections Page 198 Bua na Cainte

1.    Chuaigh mé amach faoin tuath.

2.   Bhí Mamaí in éineacht liom.

3.   Bhí an aimsir go h-álainn. Bhí an ghrian ag spalpadh anuas.

4.   Chonaic mé bó agus lao, caora agus uan, muc agus banbh, capall agus searrach, coileán agus puisín.

5.   Bhí an chapall agus an searrach ag rith go tapa timpeall na páirce.

6.   Bhí an chaora agus an uan ag iníor sa pháirc.

7.   Bhí an muc agus an banbh ag ithe bia i gclós na feirme.

8.   Bhí an phuisín ag ól bainne.

9.   Bhí an feirmeoir ag baint an fhéir.

10. Chonaic mé coileán.

11.  Bhí picnic agam.

12. Thaitin an lá faoin tuath go mór liom.



Shadow Drawings – Make the most of the sunny days and create some art work with the shadows. You could fill in the outline using your sketching skills or colour them in using paint/pastels etc. There are some interesting ideas in this video:




1.    Unit 20 The Living Body Read this chapter in your Small World

2.   ‘Heart’. Please watch the following video on Brain Pop Junior. After watching the video, please complete the ‘Hard Quiz’. Then, you can do any of the other activities and games.

You can use my brain pop login details or your own account (free to set up). My log in details are as follows:

Username: missmoclairfourthclass

Password: fourthclass2020

3.   This is a nice activity to do about the heart. You could print it out or just write your findings into your SESE copy.





Have a look at this quizzes and games. They’re all about Water Safety.


Health and Wellbeing: Mr. Fogarty has suggested that you have a look at the following link from the PDST.  There are some lovely health and wellbeing activities. If you are feeling a bit stressed or worried you might like to try some of the relaxation exercises.




P.E:  Check out the following website Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see six different videos. They are made by county footballers and hurlers. Pick one of them and focus on practising that skill this week.




The following is a list of optional activities:

-Free typing course for absolute beginners. One of the most useful skills you can learn.


Coding websites:





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