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To find all of this week's documents and Powerpoints please follow this link: This will bring you to my Dropbox account. 


Hello Fourth Class.


I feel so, so lucky to have had you as my first class in Powerstown National School. You are all a credit to your parents and families. I was blessed to be your teacher this year – you are such a lovely group of children. You will never forget being in fourth class – the year of Covid 19. Thank you so much for your hard work and support this year – especially over the past four months. I’m really proud of you.



I am organising a Zoom call for this Wednesday (17th June) at 11am. It will be our last Zoom call together before the summer break. If you would like to wear your county colours for the Zoom call – I will be wearing my Tipp jersey! During the Zoom call we will do a Scavenger Hunt and a quiz. I hope you will be able to make it J


A very happy birthday to Chloe this Friday. I hope you have a wonderful day, Chloe.


I will only assign a small amount of English and Maths schoolwork for this week. The rest is optional extra work.


Schoolwork for this week 15th – 19th June:


1.          Mental Maths Week 37 and problem solving

2.         Mathemagic p 150 and 151 Time


1.          Read about the Summer Solstice here on a Powerpoint. The Summer Solstice takes place around the 21st June each year in the Northern Hemisphere.


2.         In my Dropbox account you will find a comprehension activity about the Summer Solstice. You can print it out or just read it on your screen and answer the questions orally.



3.         Movie: Watch a movie and write a movie review. Go to my dropbox account to find a review template. 


4.         Write Here: pick 2 or 3 pages of your book to complete this week.



Father’s Day is on Sunday 21st June. If you go to my Dropbox account you will find a colouring in worksheet that could be printed out and stuck onto card. Or you could use it for ideas to make your own card.



Road Safety

Many of us have enjoyed the good weather by going for walks, sometimes on the roads. With the increase in traffic on the roads of late we will explore some ways that we can remain safe on the roads.

Please click on the following link below:

 Safe Cross Code song:  Click on the Snakes & Hazards game:


Farm Safety

You may notice lots of tractors and farm machinery on the roads and you may even live or visit a farm. It’s a very busy time of the year for farming and so we need to be careful on farms. We will explore how we can be safe on farms using the following links taken from the I.F.A. farm safety website: Watch this 7 minute clip of some children visiting a friend’s farm for a birthday party:  Explore the red circle entitled ‘Farm Safety’:



As we did not get to go on our school tour this year, let’s go on a virtual school tour to Dublin Zoo! Click on the following link below and off we go! Don’t forget your suncream!



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