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Week Beginning Tuesday June 2nd


Hello Everyone!


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend out in the beautiful sunshine! From this week, I will be scaling back on the children’s work. Hopefully this will give the children more of an opportunity to play outside and connect with friends. Please feel free to pick and choose from the work I do put up today. There is no obligation to complete it all. It is just a suggested list of work for the week.  I hope you all have a super week!


Ms. Nugent



Happy Birthday to Mark who celebrated his birthday on Saturday! Hope you had a wonderful day !



English Reading: Two Little Frogs pg 88 – Three Naughty Ostriches



English Writing: Two Little Frogs pgs 89, 90, 91



Spellings: Spellbound pgs 68, 69, 70, 71 – General Revision



Tables: General revision of all addition and subtraction tables



SESE: Fruit – The Journey of the Banana to my Lunch Box.


*KWL Chart work. Before you start learning about the banana, discuss what the children already Know about the banana and what they Want to find out about the banana. After you have learned about the banana discuss or write about what the children have Learned .





*Watch videos and power point about “The Story of the Banana.”





*Based on the power point presentation you watched, draw the journey of the banana in 6 stages on provided template. Write a sentence to explain each of the stages.




*Complete a sequencing activity of the banana story.





*Make a banana smoothie.










Here are some useful ideas for busy activities should you need them.

·         Draw a map/plan of your bedroom/garden/neighbourhood etc.

·         Practise your handwriting with printable handwriting sheets from

·         Draw and colour a piece of fruit/vegetable/favourite toy etc.

·         Draw and colour a self portrait.

·         Dice maths – Throw 2 dice and either add or subtract the two numbers. Write down the sums you make

·         Make a sock puppet using an old sock and any other bits and pieces you have at home.

·         Create a cartoon strip.

·         Listen to some music while you do some colouring.

·         Draw a picture of your pet in a superhero costume. What is his/her super hero name?

·         Junk modelling: Make something out of cereal boxes/egg cartons or anything else you have at home.

·         Write a letter/email to Ms. Nugent telling her all your news.

·         Create a breakfast/lunch/dinner menu of all your favourite foods.

·         Write a story using a story starter.









Keeping Active while at Home

Try to get some physical activity as often as you can. It is the quality and not the quantity of physical activity that you do that is important. Please find some ideas here for keeping active at home.


·  Here you will find some p.e. “homework” to do.

·         Little Sports videos on youtube.

·         P.E. with Joe wicks on youtube.

·         RTE 10 @ 10 physical activity videos.




Keeping in Touch with your Friends

Try to keep in touch with some friends if you can. You could send an email or write them a letter and get someone to post it for you. If possible, you could phone or video call some friends and tell them all of your news. If you are able to video call maybe you and a friend could play a quick game of something like “Name 5 Things”. In this game you each take turns naming 5 things that smell nice/feel soft/feel rough/sound nice/are blue/are big/are small etc.


































































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