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   Drawing Homer Simpson
Art » Draw Homer Simpson

Step 1

  • First, make a long vertical line; the longer it is, the larger your Homer will turn out. I also recommend that you use the same colours as I throughout the whole lesson.
  • Now create a decently large circle (remember to hold SHIFT down and to not let go of the key until you have let go of the mouse button), and centre it directly in the middle of the grey line.
  • Create a slightly smaller circle and centre it just above the middle of the larger circle. 
  • Create a smaller circle (which is used for Homer’s head) and place it far above the overlapping circles, and then off centre to the left some. It is place off centre because Homer’s head is slanted back slightly.
  • Lastly, create a horizontal line through the grey one. This will determine the placement of several other things later. 

Step 2

  • Study the image shown to the top. The green lines are the ones that have been newly added. Notice that the two largest circles are connected, Homer’s mouth/nose area is drawn at an angle, Homer’s shirt line is rounded (it fits him to where it looks rounded off), and that an ear, which is seen as a circle for now, is added. 
  • Remember to slant his head back some, and make a range for his mouth/nose area. His legs are also stocky and thick.

Now try to draw the same on your outline.



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